Bold Vision, Bright Future

Bold Vision, Bright Future

Capital Campaign

Monarch Christian School is excited to announce the completion of phase two of our Capital Campaign!  In the 2015-2016 school year, we were privileged to raise over $1,000,000 to put a down payment on our property, making 22280 Devonshire Street officially ours!

As we look toward the future, we are excited for the next phase of Monarch’s growth. Through the campus redesign, the start of the middle school, and the foundation of special education program, Monarch Christian School will impact new generations for Christ through a well-rounded education that honors the Lord.  We are continuing to partner with our community to:


The middle school years are incredibly formative as students search themselves and decide what type of person they desire to be.  As we partner with each student’s parents, we will lay a foundation of character that is Christ centered.  Monarch’s middle school will be a place like no other, blending the unique culture found in being known in a smaller school community with the opportunities to view and understand the world through choices and exposure to a wheel of real life electives, helping students to discern the Lord’s will for their lives as leaders and world changers.  With honors and grade level classes, students will continue their rigorous, Christian education that will open the doors for influence and leadership as they grow into the people God has called them to be.
The middle school will open with our first class of sixth graders in the fall of 2017, adding on a grade each year until we serve students in sixth to eighth grade by the fall of 2019.


Currently at 55% capacity schoolwide, Monarch regularly has to turn away families that desire to partner with MCS in their child’s education because we don’t have the space, with waitlists that extend through entire school year.  As we seek to expand the Early Education program, we will be able to double our capacity in infants through transitional kindergarten, preparing them through a developmentally appropriate curriculum that exposes them to the outdoor classroom, hands on activities, and a community that nurtures them, ultimately preparing these students to move into Monarch’s rigorous and academic kindergarten program.  The expansion of the Elementary program will bring additional differentiation as we grow to two classes per grade level and continue serving with an education that provides the academic and spiritual foundation to be the leaders of the next generation.


Currently housed in temporary bungalows, Monarch students need new facilities that are environmentally friendly, allergen free, and earthquake and fire safe.  With the campus redesign, our students will be able to learn in classrooms that are most conducive to their learning processes while enjoying the educational benefits of the new library, enrichment classroom, competition sports fields, and multipurpose room for all school chapels and performances.
The redesign will bring a campus of opportunity to life for our students, allowing them to flourish in a safe, state of the art facility while they focus on laying an incredible educational foundation for a lifetime.


The special education community lacks strong Christian school options and are often forced to attend public school in order to receive the services needed to be successful in school.  With the start of Monarch’s special education program, students that require specialized services are given a developmentally appropriate education with the same strong spiritual foundation that Monarch is known for.  These students, armed with a knowledge of the Lord and an education that has allowed them to reach their highest potential, will make a difference in the world around them.

Partner with Monarch Christian School and the Bold Vision and Bright Future the Lord is leading us to!  Donate today to make this vision a reality.


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