Mission Statement

With uncompromising Christian education and in partnership with home and church, Monarch Christian School strives to provide every opportunity for excellence academically, spiritually, socially, and physically- all for the glory of God.

School Motto

Honor God. Pursue Excellence.


Monarch Christian School graduates responsible, respectful, and recognizable Christ-followers.  Using research based teaching methods designed to promote critical thinking and build character, students will be influential in their communities as they pursue God’s purpose for their lives.


Monarch Christian School strives to provide research based, cutting edge, and relevant curriculum in order to meet the needs of each individual student.  The multiage setting of MCS provides a unique and flexible format in which curriculum and pacing meet students where they are and allows them to advance at a accelerated pace.  All curriculum is the most current edition and encompasses hands on and experienced based learning, as well as progressive technology.

Math: By using hands on methods and by relating math topics to real life examples, MCS students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills while mastering math facts, strategies, and concepts.  Students are taught multiple strategies for solving math problems and are expected to explain how they arrived at their answers to ensure understanding.

Language: MCS students are taught the precepts of the English language and use that knowledge to be stronger readers and writers.

Writing: MCS students understand the form and organization of multiple forms of writing from narrative writing to persuasive writing.  They use graphic organizers to systematically formulate their topic, starting with the basic understanding of a topic sentence to our fifth graders writing multiple page research essays.

Spelling: Students are taught spelling using phonetic rules so that they are equipped to not only spell words we study, but to approach new words with methodical rules.  This equips students to correctly spell a myriad of new and unfamiliar words.

Phonics and Whole Language: Vital to any reading program, our research based combination of phonics and whole language allows students to approach any new word with confidence and fluency.  Phonics is taught in lower grades using whole body learning, making the methods personal and memorable.

Handwriting: Kindergarten through second grade focuses on correct form and placement of letters while third grade diligently works towards receiving their cursive license.  Third grade and beyond are expected to use cursive in their regular work.

Reading: Students are exposed to vocabulary and comprehension strategies through current and classic literature.  Reading strategies and skills encompass the most up to date research and best practices.

Science: Learning science is most effective when it is meaningful, which is exemplified in our hands on, experienced based experiments.  Students get the opportunity to examine, try, and experience the topic learned about thus bringing the textbook lessons in to real life.

Bible: As we learn about various Bible characters and events, students are asked to take the lessons the characters learned and apply them to their own lives.  We examine how to live a life that glorifies Christ as we grow in our relationship with Him.

Social Studies: MCS students view history critically and weigh influences and results of those influences while learning about world, United States, California, and local histories.

Physical Education: Vital to the education of the whole child, our physical education class teaches basic athletic and competition skills.

Computer Skills: Students have access to a personal laptop and are taught programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  They regularly use programs designed to develop correct and fluent typing skills and are expected to complete assigned classroom assignments on the computer.



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