Season of Giving

Given from a desire for quality education, and to further the Kingdom of God, your gifts can help provide not only improved academic programs and facilities, but also give the school a margin of excellence.
Here is a recap of what we have been able to achieve, thanks to the generous giving of parents and friends:

  • Installed new toilets in all bathrooms and calling in the plumber a lot less
  • Completed a whole campus termite remediation
  • Installed two new filtered water drinking fountains
  • Installed signage on perimeter fence along Devonshire Street
  • Purchased a new 6-seat stroller for our Early Education Pandas and Hippos
  • Purchased and installed pole wraps for the safety of our Early Education students on the playground
  • Started the Monarch Leadership Foundation which will open doors to partner with organizations previously inaccessible
  • And, with the help of one benefactor, growing the Monarch Achievement Center to meet the needs of students who may need more support academically and emotionally as well as offering opportunities for our gifted students.

We have been able accomplish these amazing things because of the generous donations that have come in throughout the year and at our Gala. But we’re not done yet! God is still on the move and has more plans for our school. As we look forward, we have other facility improvements and program enhancements that will continue to enrich our student’s educational experience.  Some items on our wish list are as follows:


  • New Early Education site in Granada Hills – expected Grand Opening is Fall 2019 ($40,000)
  • Scholarship Fund ($30,000)
  • Update Campus Security ($5,000)
  • New basketball hoop and court refresh ($5,000)
  • MCS front courtyard signage ($2,500)


Please keep in mind, tuition dollars are directed toward operational expenses and teacher salaries. Any facility improvement and program enhancement comes directly from the donors who partner with us to make our dreams a reality.

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